In the Winery ZÖHRER – Onlinshop you will find a wide range of our excellent wines from 0,75L to 6L big bottle, sparkling wine, Pet Nat & Frisandté, natural wines, spirits of fine yeast & grape marc as well as great single vineyard wines from our vintage archiv for every occasion.

Regional Wines

The REGIONAL WINES are a good introduction in the origin-oriented quality hierarchy. The wines come from the estate’s own vineyards and comply the strict quality standards of the winery Zöhrer.


Village Wines

The VILLAGE WINES are ambassadors of their community. The wines originate from high-quality, characterful and traditional vineyards with a village. Besides high-quality vineyards Grüner Veltliner & Riesling with DAC Kremstal and limited yields are a prerequisite for this type of wine.

Single Vineyard Wines

The SINGLE VINEYARD WINES distinguishes the highest quality of Austrian vineyards. The vineyards are demarcated exactly. This is where the best wines with expressive vineyard character and particular maturation potentiale ripen. Grüner Veltliner & Riesling with DAC Kremstal and Reserve are planted to fit to the particular vineyard.

Red Wines

The RED WINES reflect the unique climate conditions of the Danube Valley and show what can be brought into the bottle in harmony with nature. More than a half of our vineyards are used for Rosé, Frisandté & sparkling wine.


Fully ripe grapes from our primary rock, loess & slate terraces were fermented on skins and after hand pressed. The ECHO of the varieties & soils is unique!

Sparkling & Co.

Sparkling wine is one of the noblest forms of wine and only the best basic wine leads to incomparable taste sensations.

Produced in:

Méthode traditionelle – bottle fermentation / SEKT
Méthode ancestrale – end fermentation in the bottle / PET NAT
Méthode pétillant – added CO2 / FRISANDTÈ


For festive occassions and to get to know selected wines to the right time of the year, we offer every wine lover again and again exciting creations with personal recommendation from the winemaker.

Vintage Archiv

Every year we keep some of our single vineyard wines in order to give them time to ripen. In our vintage archive, wines of the highest quality are stored under the best conditions. Often it is not possible for our customers to store wines for many years to their ideal drinking maturity. We do not want to keep back from you this taste sensation. In our newsletter you will be the first to know, when we dig a new speciality and bring it into sale in a limited number of bottles.

If any wines are no longer available directly from the winery Zöhrer, you will find at the following link our partners around the world: Where to buy

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