CEO Winery Zöhrer

Toni Zöhrer

winemaker & sommelier
Newcommer of the Year 2011
Collection of the year 2018

feudal lord of Weinzierl

Anton Zöhrer

bearer of the golden badge with laurel
member of wine knights Austria, wine brotherhood Krems & wine brotherhood St. Christoph / Arlberg Hospitz

Since 1270, the Weingut Zöhrer has known how to use the advantages of the vines on the Weinzierlberg. About 3,400 inhabitants live in the Weinzierl district, one of the oldest of the 1000-year-old wine town of Krems on the Danube and the Original ancestral home of the Zöhrers.

The townscape is characterized by charming fiefdoms, which have been transformed over the centuries from mixed farms to the winegrowers’ houses of today. The local mountain was and still is the magnificent reed Kremser Weinzierlberg, which has provided an ideal soil for great wines since time immemorial.