Toni Zöhrer

Anton Zöhrer

owner & winemaker

Feudal Lord of Krems/Weinzierl

The roots of the winery family Zöhrer anno 1270 go back up to the time of the Babenberger in the history of Austria.

Around 1300 Albrecht I (1255-1308) enfeoffed twenty of his most loyal followers With farmland, orchards and vineyards in and around Weinzierl (today a district of Krems), the feudal Iords of Krems/Weinzierl.

The knowledge and the tradition was put Anton Zöhrer in the cradle through generations.VVe work consistently on it to exhaust the potential of the big Single vineyards, which belong to the most important of the Kremstal. The vines were largely plantet by grandfather father 40-80 years ago. The profile of the wine is unmistakable, they are very indicative