Zoehrer Estate anno 1270

The roots of the estate date back to the Babenberger in the Austrian history. Around 1300 Albrecht I (1255-1308) enfeoffed twenty of his most faithful minions with farm- and wetlands, fruit- and vineyards in and around “Weinzierl” (nowadays a district of Krems).

The Kuenrings had been their advocates. In 1340 Albrecht II (?-1358) had confirmed these rights. Already then the vineyards had been cultivated and wine had been pressed by the “Twenty enfeoffs” – who were simple landlords.

In 1705 the landlords formed a free community with its own claim to power and jurisdiction. Until this date they had been subjects of the “Grafenegg” manor from which they were able to ransom. In 1923, thus 600 years later, the manors had been split between the respective landlords. Today only three of the “Twenty enfeoffs” have stayed over – like the Zoehrer Estate.

Wappen Familie ZöhrerDuring the 1970ies the Zoehrer family adopted the resolution to convert the old cellar at “Kremser Sandgrube” to a newly established farmstead outside the village in order to pamper their guests with traditional dishes and the outstanding landscape.
Since 1983 the meanwhile renowned venue has been private residence, wine tavern and estate of the Zoehrer family. And since 1999 guests have felt like at home in our guestrooms.



Short historical review of the landlords and “Krems/Weinzierl”

In 1112:
First-time mention of „Weinzierl” in the charts of the cloister St. Georgen an der Traisen

In 1240:
Albert von Kuenring- Advocate of the landlords –  is at litigation with a „genteel lady“ – this is confirmed in a document of the Munich public record office.

In 1340:
Duke Albrecht II. confirms the rights of the „Twenty landlords“

Between 1522 and 1566:
The territorial vineyards were again liberated from the connection with the feoffs.

In 1705:
Redemption from the Grafenegg manor by the “landlord community”  – for a price of 12.000 guilder the village of Weinzierl had been acquired with all its belongings including its own administration and jurisdiction.

In 1795:
Purchase of the „Antoni church „and the „Siechen hospital” by the “Bürgerspital-Krems“

In 1876:
Inauguration of the new cemetery

In 1905:
Voluntary merging of Krems to Weinzierl – In 1909 Weinzierl has 85 street numbers

Between 1923- 1929:
Liquidation of the corporate property and segmentation to the respective members (apart from a remainder).

In 1954:
Birth of Anton Zöhrer sen.

In 1976:
Master craftsman examination of Anton Zöhrer senior

In 1980:
Birth of Toni Zöhrer

In 1983:
Opening of the new site of the Zoehrer estate in „Kremser Sandgrube 1“.

In 1984:
Birth of Martin Zöhrer

Between 1985 & 1995:
Repeated Gold and „Big Gold „medals at Austrian wine exhibitions

In 1989:
First export of wine to foreign countries

In 1996:
Acceptance to the „Salon Österreichischer Weine“

In 1997:
Opening of the Zoehrer guest house – directly located at the Estate

Between 2000 to date:
Repeated victories at the “Kremser Sandgruben Champion dégustations”

In 2003:
Master craftsman examination of Toni Zöhrer

In 2005:
First export to North America

In 2009:
First export to Asia

In 2011:
Toni Zöhrer was elected as “the newcomer of the year”

In 2012:
Start of the partnership with the „Sand1 Collection „by the TOP Gastronomy

Also in 2012:
Zoehrer Estate 3times at „Salon Österreichischer Wein „with 2 different grape varieties