We are always asked, why we do not use corkscrews for our village & single vineyard wines.

Screw cap has the following qualitative advantages for us:

  1. improved aromatic stability, slower oxidative aging
  2. Zöhrer wines are as natural as possible and purist. Through the use of screw cap a significantly lower use of sulfur is necessary.
  3. It is crucial if the bottleneck during the filling is overlaid with CO2 or not. If it is not superimposed, the influence of oxygen is similar to that of botteling with natural cork – the air in the bottle supports the ripening process.
  4. A large part oft he wine ripening happens in the first half year after filling through the oxygen in the bottleneck or cork – about 4 mg/l O2.
    The further maturation by diffusing the oxygen between cork and bottleneck is incalculable and varies from cork to cork sometimes many times.
    natural cork: 0,5 mg – 23 mg(!!) O2/year
    screw cap: 0,0 mg – 1,5 mg
    The best corks are as tight as screw caps. However, the tightness cannot be guaranteed by a cork producer. The results are enormous differences at bottles from the same batch. With screw cap maturing is calculable, with natural cork it is not.
  5. For sure the most important reason: no wine defects by cork!

In terms of quality, we are not guided by emotions in this case, but rely on facts and experience.