In our oldest vineyards a variety of grapes thrive “set mixed” in a prime location, traditional old days. Every year exiting and unique, he surprises with its aromas.


Appellation & Herkunft

Krems – Kremstal

Single Vineyard

single vineyard selection

Vine variety

mixed wine varieties


danube gravel, loess

Vine age


Quality level

sparkling wine


steel tank

Barrel maturity

month 3+

Fermenting temperature

18 °C

Fermenting duration

14 days

Drinking recommendation

1 – 3 years

Serving temperature

8 – 10 °C

from the winemaker

Wine Description

Sparkling wine with fine fragrance of strawberries & raspberries, the slight perlage gratifies the palate, beautiful lively and fruity Frisandté to every party.

ÖWM / Wirz, Robert Staudinger
ÖWM / Wirz, Möbius

from the winemaker

Dining Recommendation

Manifold accompaniment to white meat, all sorts of fish and seafood as well as not too hearty dishes. But also as aperitif and social wine ideal suitable.


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EAN bottle: 9120013196437
EAN case of six: 9120013199834

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