The Riede (single vineyard, cru) Kremser Goldberg towers up to 375m near the Krems river. Some loess on crystalline rock, some gneiss and slate, some amphilbolit & marble, give the wine its own character & cut.

Appellation & Herkunft

Lower Austria

Single Vineyard

single vineyard Kremser Goldberg

Vine variety


Quality level

quality wine

Vine age



loess, primary rock, slate


small Austrian wood barrel

Fermenting temperature

30 °C

Fermenting duration

16 days

Barrel maturity

month 12+

Drinking recommendation

5 – 10 years

Serving temperature

14 – 16 °C

from the winemaker

Wine Description

Dark ruby-red, fine roasted flavour, full-bodied, mild, wood berries, gentle tannins, great Tannin with a puff of vanilla, long-lasting finish, great storage potential.

ÖWM / Wirz, Robert Staudinger
ÖWM / Wirz, Möbius

from the winemaker

Dining Recommendation

Harmonises with game dishes, calf´s liver, wild feathered game, mediterranean cuisine, to dark or roasted meat,as well as to all food with strong sauce.



EAN bottle: 9120013191937
EAN case of six: 9120013199780

Weingut Zöhrer - Zweigelt Goldberg