The vision Kremstal, the maximum of single vineyard, terroir & vine variety from the oldest vines, is in the family Zöhrer since generations.
Grape selection from terraces and precipitous terraces, 4 of the best single vineyards from primary rock, loess & slate, partly since 1576 in family estate, are brought in the bottle exclusively in very good vintages. Long potential for storage!


Appellation & Herkunft
Single Vineyard
Vine variety
Quality level
Vine age
Fermenting temperature
Fermenting duration
Barrel maturity
Drinking recommendation
Serving temperature

Vom Kellermeister


Ignites a true fruit nuances fireworks, remind of apricot and William pear, fine hazelnut fullness with exotic hints, very high finesse factor, candied fruit with perfect acid sturcture, the sparkling freshness remain until the long finish, a completely convincing, large Riesling with even greater maturing potential.

ÖWM / Wirz, Robert Staudinger
ÖWM / Wirz, Möbius

Vom Kellermeister


Excellent to calf, pig, poultry meals, fish like trout or pike-perch and saltwater fish, exotic dishes like Indian or Asian.