Kremstal DAC (Districtus Austriae Controllatus) :  A Pioneer along the Danube.

The newly established Kremstal DAC designation of origin injects fresh dynamism into this esteemed wine region.

Willi Klinger, CEO of the Austrian Wine Marketing Association, confidently states:  “Kremstal is a nationally and internationally acclaimed wine region.  The new Kremstal DAC reinforces our commitment to producing wines that truly reflect their origin.  On the global stage, Kremstal DAC will elevate this area’s standing through a distinct flavour profile.”

The core area of fine white wines

Kremstal DAC

Kremstal strengthens its Distinctive Heritage.

Grüner Veltliner and Riesling reign supreme as the flagship varieties of Kremstal, accounting for 70% of wines bearing the official Austrian approval number.  In recognition of their prominence, the “Kremstal DAC” designation has been established exclusively for these varieties.

In accordance with Austrian wine law, these wines must be varietal.  Thus, a “Kremstal” wine is, by definition, either a Riesling or a Gruner Veltliner, embodying the essence of this distinguished region.

Two maturation levels: Kremstal DAC and Kremstal Reserve DAC

A classical Kremstal DAC boasts an alcohol content of 12 or 12.5%  by volume, as indicated on the label.  To earn the Kremstal DAC designation, wines must adhere to strict legal requirements: they must be dry and exhibit varietal and region-specific characteristics, presenting a fresh, fruity, spicy and ethereal aroma profile.

A dedicated commission ensures adherence to these standards through careful evaluation against “reference wines”.  Notably, Kremstal DAC wines must not exhibit flavours associated with small wooden cask aging or Botrytis influence.

Wines aspiring to the “Kremstal DAC” label can be submitted for approval no earlier than January 2nd of the year following harvest.

Kremstal DAC Reserve – The Noble Distinction for Grand Wines

The wine cellars of many Kremstal estates attest to a decades-long tradition of producing grand wines.  Kremstal DAC wines bearing the “Reserve” designation exhibit rich flavours, palate density, and often a smooth finish.  To qualify, these wines must contain a minimum of 13% alcohol by volume and may have up to 9 grams of residual sugar per litre.

While varietal typicity remains paramount, cultivation in small wooden barrels is allowed for Reserve Wines.  Consequently, the resulting aromas can contribute to the broader spectrum of Kremstal DAC Reserve wines, including subtle hints of oak influence.  Light notes reminiscent of Botrytis are also acceptable in this category.

Wines aspiring to the “Kremstal DAC Reserve” label , can be submitted for approval no earlier than March 15th of the year following harvest.

The label “Kremstal DAC Reserve” is only valid for wines from Kremstal vineyards that were also made and bottled there.