Grüner Veltliner

The Ried (single vineyard, cru) Kremser Gebling is one of the oldest of the Kremstal. The soil consits of a weathered calcareous conglomerate, covered by different powerful loess. In some places 25m+ deep roots, burrow into the loess terraces, northeast of the 1000 year old wine town Krems on the Danube.


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Vom Kellermeister


The best of loess, vivid gold-yellow, fantastic wealth of flavour, beautiful passion fruit, full and mature density with a matching sourness, delicate thyme with Asian fruits behind, a terrific great wine with huge strength lives up to his name. Long potential for storage.

ÖWM / Wirz, Robert Staudinger
ÖWM / Wirz, Möbius

Vom Kellermeister


Fantastic with Asian cuisine, mushroom dishes as well as dishes with powerful sauces. Also an interesting partner with cream cheese and white mould cheese.