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Appellation & Herkunft

Lower Austria

Single Vineyard

single vineyard selection

Vine variety
Quality level

quality wine

Vine age




Fermenting temperature

18 °C

Fermenting duration

15 days

Barrel maturity

month 6+

Drinking recommendation

1 – 7 years

Serving temperature

9 – 11 °C

from the winemaker

Wine description

In the nose very fine exotic notes of mango and grapefruit, some peach. On the palate, a full-bodied fleshy fruit with a lively acidity and a nice juiciness. Long, mineral-influenced finish.

ÖWM / Wirz, Möbius

from the winemaker

Dining Recommendation

A versatile food companion to white meat, smoked fish, hearty fish dishes, game & braised dishes, mushroom & pasta and traditional Austrian dishes such as Hauerjause & Tafelspitz with Semmelkrenn.

Levels of Origin

The REGIONAL WINES are a good introduction in the origin-oriented quality hierarchy. The wines come from the estate’s own vineyards and comply the strict quality standards of the winery Zöhrer.


Kutscher´s cost note

Bright, youthfully shiny colour; nutty and spicy on the nose, but also fruity, enriched with ringworm and pome fruit as well as herbal notes; introduced on the palate in a dry manner, with a delicate nutty bitterness, green nut and green-yellow pome fruit emerge, delicate and spicy with a tomboyish acidity on the finish.



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