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Pinot Noir


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Appellation & Herkunft

Lower Austria

Single Vineyard

single vineyard selection

Quality level

quality wine

Vine age




Fermenting temperature

18 °C

Fermenting duration

15 days

Barrel maturity

month 6+

Serving temperature

from the winemaker

Wine description

On the nose, very fine exotic notes of mango and grapefruit, some peach. On the palate, a full-bodied fleshy fruit with a lively acidity and a nice juiciness. Long, mineral-influenced finish. A silky, fruity Pinot that smells intensely of red berries, rose hips and aromatic spices. It is velvety, soft and yet very fresh with a crystalline acidity that suits it very well.

ÖWM / Wirz, Robert Staudinger
ÖWM / Wirz, Möbius

from the winemaker

Dining Recommendation

To emphasise the freshness of the Pinot, we recommend combining it with pink roast beef or duck, risotto with porcini mushrooms and morels. Serve slightly chilled.

Levels of Origin

The REGIONAL WINES are a good introduction in the origin-oriented quality hierarchy. The wines come from the estate’s own vineyards and comply the strict quality standards of the winery Zöhrer.


Kutscher´s cost note

Classic Pinot colour with bright, cooked cherry red and garnet effects; equally varietal and characteristic on the nose, showing cooked berry fruit, maroon brew and herbal spice, somewhat leathery-inspired, animal-aristocratic and sensual in disposition, complemented by toasty notes; a pithy structure on the palate, dry and tart, skilfully draws out the varietal typicality over the entire course, appears lean and elegant, impresses with natural charm.



EAN bottle: 9120013192156
EAN case of six: 9120013199391
UPC bottle: 810009400042
UPC case of six: 810009400165

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