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Single Vineyarde (Cru)

Urgesteinterrassen Weingut Zöhrer
Primary rock vineyards



Thalland (1204)

Thalland is situated at the bottom of the hill „Frechau“ and belongs to the „Grand vineyard „Sandgrube“.


Sandgrube (1215)

Sandgrube is a typical heavy loess soil and is said to be the „BEST GRUENER VELTLINER“ in Austria.


Gebling (1286)

..Again a typical heavy loess soil. Its exposure has been preferred by cloisters in former times for the cultivation of Pinot Blanc and other varieties.

Frechau (1291)

A pure southern exposure at the highest peak of the „Grand vineyard Sandgrube“



Weinzierlberg (1309)

Foothills from the Wachau to the town of Krems primary rock soil – ideal for the cultivation of Riesling.


Primary rock terraces


galgenerg panorama
Galgenberg Panorama


Galgenberg (1311)

… is a primary rock soil where parts of our Riesling are cultivated. Source of the “Venus „Fanny“ from Galgenberg; 32.000 years old.

Our estate is a modern one and attaches importance to wine making and the cultivation of our vines – because the quality of the wine is decided in the vineyard!

Eco sensitive care, restricted harvest, clean estate material and controlled winery-economy are guarantors for the quality of our recognized wines.



Riedenkarte Kremstal

Vineyard Zöhrer

Vineyard Zöhrer