Weingut Zöhrer | Krems Austria

Traminer Grand Reserve

Traminer Grand Reserve

From the “Reserve – collection”

Area of cultivation: Vineyards of Krems
Terroir: Loess
Quality level: Quality wine
Cultivation: small wooden cask
Temperature of fermentation: 20 – 22°C
Duartion of fermentation: 17 days
Recommendation duration of drinking: 3 – 5 years
Recommendation temperature of drinking: 9 – 12°C
Age of vines: 30 years


Dining recommendation:

Ideal with: Puff pastry, short pastry (also filled with savouries). Fits also to lamb, carp & wels catfish.


Wine description:

Powerful gold-yellow, flavour of rose bloom and ripe stone fruits, mineral piquancy, juicy fruit, extremely vivid with excellent acid structure, more than elegant and typical variety stylistics, great finish. Long storage potential.



Thalland Weingut Zöhrer



Löss - Weingut Zöhrer

Vineyard Zöhrer

Vineyard Zöhrer