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Rosé SAND 1

Rosé SAND 1

Gutswein – elegant & fruity

Appellation & Origin: lower Austria
Single vineyard: single vineyard selection
Vine variety: “Gemischter Satz”
Quality level: quality wine
Vine age: 45+
Terroir: loess
Maturing: steel tank
Fermenting temperature: 18 °C
Fermenting duration: 14 days
Barrel maturity: month 3+
Drinking recommendation: first 3 years
Serving temperature: 9-11 °C



Wine description:

Elegant wine, appealing pink-coloured, delicate roasting flavour like chassis, reminds of rum-coconut at the palatal, brilliant sweet berry fruit and fresh, long finish.


Dining recommendation:

Various food companion with light meat, all sorts of fish and seafood as well as light dishes. Also highly recommended as appetizer and as wine when being in good company.


feinschmeckerempfehlung-sand1-roseGourmet recomendation:

Artichokes Misosalat, confit alps salmon, crispy leeks
Restaurant: www.blauenstein.at


Single vineyard/Cru

Single vineyard Goldberg



Löss - Weingut Zöhrer



AWC 2017 Rosé - SAND1

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Vineyard Zöhrer

Vineyard Zöhrer