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AWC Vienna 2017

AWC Toni Zöhrer 2017

It is a milestone in the more than 700-year-long family history of the Zoehrer family of grape growers. The “AWC – Vienna”, the largest officially recognized wine rating in the world, presented 12,615 wines from 40 countries to the competition 2017. The Grüner Veltliner-SAND 1, 2016 was voted to the vice world champion AWC 2017 and is the best Kremstal GV to 12.9 percent. The GV-GIGANT Ried Kremser Weinzierlberg 2016 was awarded with GOLD.


SAND 1 Ambassador 2017

Ambassador 2017

Every year the winery & guesthouse Zöhrer invites selected wine lovers, restaurants & wine trade to the Kremser Sandgrube 1 to taste the SAND1 collection and to sign the SAND1 wine sponsorship.

In 2017 six wines from the TOP vintage2016 were brought to the “SAND 1 – collection”:

) Grüner Veltliner – Österreich / Austria
) Riesling
) Gemischter Satz
) Blanc de Noirs
) Rosé
) Zweigelt

Toni Zöhrer & Anton Zöhrer are visibly proud to present their “Sand1-Collection 2017” with such special sponsors!

f.l.t.r. above:
Anton Zöhrer www.zoehrer.at
Thomas Hagen www.die-weinwerkstatt.net
Johannes Teuschl www.weinstein.at
Toni Zöhrer www.zoehrer.at
Alisa Gerster www.gersters-genusswerkstatt.de
Emilia Matzer www.rigele-royal.com
Christian Matzer www.rigele-royal.com

f.l.t.r. below:
Gudrun Hagen www.lindenkeller.net
Marcela Hutlasova www.weinstein.at
Sonja Gerster www.gersters-genusswerkstatt.de

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Weingut Zöhrer | Krems, Austria
Vineyard Zöhrer

Vineyard Zöhrer